Kiran Organisé is established as a business unit of PT Kiran Resources Indonesia with the objective to provide services to across industry sectors with the focus on campaign strategy; corporate identity and branding; corporate communication strategy; corporate program and event organizer; and exhibitions and workshops organizer covering diverse industry portfolios.

The ServicesThe Crafted Executions


In all aspects of businesses, initiatives, and plans, the common denominator that those must have as the starting point is an idea. However, an idea without a distinctive character would be a formless vision. An idea with a distinctive character would end as a dream without well crafted and winning execution. Kiran Organisé is set to assist clients experience distinctive character of ideas and crafted executions through creative thinking to deliver programs and/or events that have lasting impact on the clients as well as the clients’ directed audiences/customers. Distinctiveness creates brand recognition and loyalty. Moreover, distinctiveness builds strong communication, identity and branding for corporate

Our services focus on below disciplines:

  • SEMINAR AND CONFERENCES PROGRAM STRATEGIST – Providing complete services to organize a campaign of events, seminars/conferences/exhibitions and workshop from concept to execution. The event could be public expose, product launching and services, educational workshops, and promotional campaign/events.
  • BRAND AWARENESS, POSITIONING & IMAGE – Providing advisory services in brand image creation, sustainability, and enhancement. The objective is to assists clients to create or rebrand their corporate image to boost their brand recognition and loyalty.
  • ANNUAL REPORT – Providing full services from copy writing to design of annual report with distinctive concept and design
  • CORPORATE COMMUNICATION – Providing advisory services in corporate communication both for internal corporate communication strategy as well as external corporate communication strategy; i.e., devising means of effective communication internally as well externally
  • ADVERTISING AND PUBLICATION – Providing internal/external corporate publication programs and advertising services


Driven by the passion to deliver an enduring experience that elevates recognition and loyalty, we take courage to deliver you origin-ality and distinctiveness in every campaign strategy that we handle. Ingenuity and Creativity at Work is the Soul of our performance.

1. Book Launching 2004 – Theme ‘Going to a Movie’

2. Grand Launching The Ary Suta Center for Leadership, Strategy and Critical Thingking 2008 – Theme ‘The Agent of Intelligence

3. Seminar 2010 – BSMR Refresher

4. Seminar 2011 – HSBC Trade Academy Business – Theme ‘Trade Finance’

5. Tooth Filling Ceremony 2012 – Theme ‘Sacred, Solemn and Colorful Indonesian Heritage

6. Grand Opening Mall 2012 – Theme ‘Indonesian Heritage’

7. Gamelan Philharmonic Orchestra Performing Arts 2012 – Theme ‘The Sound of Pentatonic Music’

8. Chinese New Year Celebration 2013 at Mall – Theme ‘Peranakan Heritage’

9. The Ary Suta Center 5th Anniversary 2013 – Theme ‘Colorful Life’

10. Others