The fundamental philosophy to our advisory services is our ability to integrate our know-how in functional areas with our deep industry knowledge and experience to meet our clients’ need and expectation. Our advisory services coverage is structured into industry and functional practices. The objective of our services is to develop business knowledge and insights that build competencies, create value, and competitiveness to our clients.

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[su_tab title=”Industrial Practices”]

Strategy is an essential element in creating success in business initiatives. However, knowing an industry inside and out is a must as the foundation to design such strategy. Companies must be able to track competitive dynamics, regulatory changes, and advances in technology as part of their corporate survival and competition in their respective field.

Our consultants draw upon years of direct, hands on experience in their respective industries in assisting clients in multifaceted services to enhance their performance and to leverage uncertainty and change into value creation within their companies. Our industry practices focus on:

  • Financial Services: banking and non-banking financial sector
  • Public Sector
  • Property
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fishery
  • Energy and Power Plants
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Manufacturing
  • Private Equity

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The micro aspect of our practices is providing advisory services that focus on the functional disciplines which we believe those are the foundation to build clients ability to keep up with the changing business environment regardless what industry such clients are in.
Our functional practices can be categorized into three (3) areas of advisory, namely:

  • Corporate Finance
    • Structured Finance and Securitization
    • Capital Markets Strategy
    • Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestures
    • Public Equity and Debt Issuance
    • Fund Raising
    • Integration Planning
    • Corporate Valuation
  • Banking
    • Debt Restructuring
    • Banking Products and Services Development
    • Risk Management
    • Capital and Business Restructuring
  • Strategy and Organization
    • Corporate Turnaround
    • Corporate Governance
    • Strategic Planning
    • Corporate Strategy





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[su_tab title=”Corporate Finance”]

Our consultants have been engaged in various corporate finance transactions in banking and finance industries, among others are:

  • Structured finance transaction arrangement of one of the largest public listed Multifinance in Indonesia stock exchange on its leasing portfolio as an alternative funding source
  • Securitization transaction arrangement of a multi-finance company of one of the largest business group in Indonesia on its car loan portfolio
  • Securitization transaction arrangement of a state-owned bank on its mortgage receivables with coordination under a new establishes secondary mortgage institution
  • Securitization transactions arrangements of one of the largest bank in the world on its credit cards portfolios
  • Merger & acquisition advisor for team merger of 150 people for five (5) banks with total assets of IDR 30 trillions
  • Syndicated loans arrangements involving various banks
  • Financial due diligence review and financial investigation review for several types of industries for various purposes such as merger and acquisitions, debt restructuring, turn around management and shareholder(s) investigation
  • Corporate valuation for many types of industries
  • Derivatives transaction assessment for several types of institutions and related to their transaction with banks


[su_tab title=”Banking”]

Our consultants have been engaged and experienced in various advisory services in the banking area and play significant role in managing the bank restructuring program during Indonesia economic and banking crisis, which among others are:

  • Investment banking division development of a public listed Bank. The services are includes a wide range of services from assisting the bank to have the custodian bank license, preparation of strategic planning, preparation of business plan and implementation through rigorous training
  • Operational risk implementation advisory of one of the largest multinational bank in the world for its Indonesian branch
  • Risk management guideline development and implementation for a national bank
  • Debt restructuring advisory of various institutions from various types of industries such as pulp and paper, energy, textile, engineering and manufacturing. The debt restructuring were involved single creditor and/or syndicated or multi creditors
  • Bank restructuring policy establishment and development together with Bank Indonesia and Ministry of Finance, in implementing the bank recapitalization program for eleven (11) banks with their market shares of more than 40% of the total banking industry in Indonesia. Negotiating terms and condition of the banking restructuring initiatives with IMF and World Bank working team to be outlines in the letter of intent between the republic of Indonesia and the IMF
  • Bank restructuring policies and standard procedures implementation to meet the objectives of improving the bank performance
  • Divestment programs of the government shares or ownership by IBRA supervisory, including the landmark transaction of the divestment of the largest private bank ownership in Indonesia


[su_tab title=”Strategy and Organization”]

Our consultants have engaged in various strategy and organization advisory services across industries coverage, among others are:

  • Corporate reorganization and management turnaround of a media & entertainment group companies post acquisition by new shareholders. The objective is to improve the overall performance of the group and enhance the productivity and efficiency of the business units within the group
  • Business unit establishment to carry out investment banking activities within a bank to enhance the bank’s fee-based income. The objective is to design a suitable structure, strategy, and human resources framework to ensure that the business unit would function as expected and contribute to the overall performance of the bank
  • Strategic and business planning for a state-own enterprise establishment in the area of capital structure, industry analysis, and regulatory framework for such establishment. The objective is to assist the government to establish a government sponsored entity to develop secondary mortgage market
  • Corporate governance assessment on the implementation of regulatory guidance on good corporate governance outlined by the central bank. The objective is to provide independent and expert opinion on the implementation of good corporate governance within a bank to be in compliant with the prevailing rules and regulations on good corporate governance
  • Developing strategic recommendations for Indonesian banking structure, products and services enhancement along with their related policies and regulations. The objective to increase the competitiveness of Indonesian banks in ASEAN Economic Community.